Friday, November 16, 2012

Three Witches now available on Kobo

Three Witches: An Adventure of El Tigre Azul is now also available for the Kobo eReader.

Actually, it was available for the Kobo before, from SmashWords, but now you can find it at the Kobo site for download there.

That means you can now find Three Witches here . . .

Amazon Kindle: click here
SmashWords: click here
Kobo: click here

My first two stories in eBook form, Pretty Polly and A Quiet Night in the Dark in LaPlata, Missouri, 1942, are still available only from Amazon for the Kindle. I had signed them up for the Kindle Select program, but I haven't seen any economic advantage in doing so for the past several months. To make Three Witches more widely available (because the Kindle Select program requires a book to be available only for Kindle), I decided to publish Three Witches directly to Kindle and through Smashwords, which provides a single point for distributing to a wide range of eReaders: Kobo, Apple, Blio, Barnes & Noble's Nook, Diesel, and Sony's eReader, among others.

Although Smashwords made the story available very quickly -- a day earlier, in fact, than Kindle -- the wait for Three Witches' appearance on other sites has been a slow one. For example, I uploaded the file to Smashwords on November 4. I've been checking every other day or so since then, and only today (November 16) have I found Three Witches on the KoboBooks site.

No sign of it yet on Barnes & Noble's site, or on the other eReader sites I mentioned.

While uploading to a single clearing house (Smashwords) is convenient, I may upload any subsequent books directly to the Nook and Kobo sites, as well as to the Kindle and Smashwords sites, to see if going live on those directly published sites occurs any more quickly.

Meanwhile, I'm in the process of formatting the next story I'll be publishing in eBook format: The Dream Stalker. I'm also writing new chapters for Space Detective, the novel I'm creating with Marvel Comics artist Mike Fyles.

I'll continue to post updates about Three Witches being released on more eReader sites.

Your continued patronage is greatly appreciated!

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