Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reading at PulpFest

I'll be reading excerpts from two works in progress at this year's PulpFest, an annual convention for fans and collectors of pulp fiction and pulp magazines. The working titles of the pieces I'll be reading from are Shalimar Bang and the Bad Luck Baedeker and The Space Detective at Hell Gate. I'll be reading July 29th at 1 p.m.  The convention is in Columbus, Ohio. You can learn more at the PulpFest site, thanks to Mike Chomko.

By the way, the accompanying Space Detective illustration is by my pal and collaborator, Mike Fyles. Check out his site for some cool retro-style illustration. Mike's done some nice work for Marvel Comics, producing some covers for Iron Man and Spider-Man titles.

I haven't been very consistent in communicating here lately. My apologies. I've been super-duper busy the past three months. I think I'll get a little more breathing space after the next few weeks. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Artwork for Old Albert: An Epilogue

Over on Facebook, Brian J. Showers has posted some photos from Ex Occidente Press of the assembling of Brian's new book, Old Albert: An Epilogue. An illustration I did for this ghost story--of a face carved onto a keystone in an arch--is being foil-stamped onto the paper wrapper for the book. A photo of the foil stamping accompanies this post.

The foil-stamped version certainly looks different from the original b&w line drawing, which I've also posted here. The contrast between the light-colored foil and the paper color makes for an interesting appearance.

The story, "Old Albert," is a ghost story in the manner of those stories in The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories. In fact, it originally was meant to be included in that book, but some editorial decisions by the publisher determined that "Old Albert" wasn't in the final version. Brian expanded the story, and it had been slated for inclusion in a periodical for a little more than a year. But the publication's next issue has yet to appear, so Brian withdrew it and Ex Occidente Press picked it up. This small press operates out of Bucharest, and specializes in limited editions. Old Albert is limited to 60 copies. I'm not sure that I'll manage to snag one, but Cold Tonnage Books is offering pre-publication ordering, so I've put in a request.

Ex Occidente has some photos of its recent and works-in-progress at its blog. All are very nice looking books.

Apparently a different image that I drew will be stamped on the book's cover boards. I may post that later if I can located a scan.

More info as I learn it.