Monday, November 5, 2012

Three Witches: new eBook now available

My newest story, Three Witches: An Adventure of El Tigre Azul, is now available as an eBook and ready to download. The cover scan, which accompanies this post, was designed by the very talented Anthony Schiavino, former designer for Tor Books and all-around nice guy.

El Tigre Azul -- The Blue Tiger -- is a luchador, a masked Mexican wrestler (Mexican Luchador enmascarado) in the mold of El Santo (The Saint) and Blue Demon, famous actual wrestlers who starred in a series of films in which they battled a variety of monsters.

Written in a hard-boiled style that combines humor and horror, Three Witches pits El Tigre against a variety of human and supernatural monsters. Of course, there is one person El Tigre cannot defeat: his aunt.

Three Witches includes an interview with me. I've decided to include extras beyond just the story in the eBooks I produce, so readers get a little something extra.

Currently Three Witches is available from Amazon, which you can reach by clicking here . . .

. . . and at Smashwords, which you can reach by clicking here . . .

It hasn't yet rolled out at Barnes & Noble for the Nook, nor for Kobo at When it appears at those venues, I'll be sure to spread the word.

Now, back to work . . .

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