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Rey recommends Three Witches

My new pal, Rey, recommends reading Three Witches.

If you are the owner of a dedicated eReader, you probably are wondering what to read next.

Or if you own a tablet, smart phone, or desktop or laptop PC, you can download an eReader app for free from a number of sites (for Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Kobo, and others), so you can read from just about any device you may have available. And you’ll probably be wondering what to read next.

As I mentioned, Rey recommends reading Three Witches, a luchador adventure featuring El Tigre Azul.

A lot more folks have dedicated eReaders these days. Kobo declares it added 4 million sales of its device the second half of 2012.

The Telegraph reported that sales for "e-readers surged 45 per cent in the run-up to Christmas, as data from Neilsen BookScan indicated that sales of printed books fell by £74m. Total physical book sales of £1.5billion were also hurt by heavy discounting." reported "E-book readers rose from 16 percent to 23 percent, while printed book readers declined from 72 percent to 67 percent."

The Motley Fool reports . . .

According to iSuppli, total e-book readers shipments grew from a mere one million worldwide in 2008 to ten million in 2010. Shipments hit a peak of 23.2 million units in 2011. But even then, tablets had already taken the lead over e-readers with shipments of 67 million units.

In 2012, iSuppli has forecast that sales will fall 36% to just 14.9 million units. Another drastic 27% fall is forecast for 2014 when shipments decline to 10.9 million units. The firm sees sales of only 7.1 million units by 2016 as the consumer trend toward a multifunctional device – the tablet – continues.
Even if dedicated eReader sales drop, the call for ebooks for any number devices -- particularly tablets -- will not dwindle.

Take all those numbers together for Kobo, Nook, and Kindle. Is it a reasonable rough estimate to say at least 6 to 8 million more people started 2013 with eReaders than compared to 2012?

So, let's say you are one of those more than 6 million new eReader owners.

You need to read something.

My new pal, Rey, reminds you that he recommends Three Witches.

Where to find Three Witches:
Kobo: click here
Nook: click here
Kindle: click here
SmashWords: click here
A list of all my available books: click here
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