Here are books and ebooks I have written or within which I have pieces included.
They are listed from most recently available to oldest.

The Dream Stalker: From the Case Files of Shalimar Bang

eBook: Shalimar Bang has gained fame and wealth using her remarkable mental skills as a consulting investigator. From her base on Alcatraz Island, she takes on cases too strange for mainstream authorities. When a rich client asks for her help in dealing with recurring nightmares that attempt to kill him night after night, Shalimar learns of a priceless painting thought long lost, and uncovers a conspiracy tied to a series of art thefts. During her investigation, Shalimar encounters a number of colorful characters -- until the trail leads her to a deadly confrontation with the Dream Stalker!
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The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly, Volume 1

Editor Gerald So collects the first year of fifty-two poems originally published on The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly website (2011-12). I have a criminous Christmas haiku included. Featuring Nyla Alisia, R.A. Allen, Margaret Anderson, Michael A. Arnzen, Randall Avilez, Jack Bates, Alec Cizak, Robert Cooperman, Ray Daniel, Michael Chacko Daniels, Cassandra de Alba, C.J. Edwards, John M. Floyd, Kent Gowran, Bruce Harris, Clarinda Harriss, Chad Haskins, Kathleen Hellen, Kyle Hemmings, Paul Hostovsky, Peter Ivey, Dorothy James, Tonia Kalouria, Susan Kelley, Ian Khadan, Rauan Klassnik, Lola Koundakjian, Dennis Mahagin, Catfish McDaris, Trevor Nelson, Brett Peruzzi, Thomas Pluck, David S. Pointer, Kimberly Poitevin, William Dylan Powell, Charles Rammelkamp, Keith Rawson, Stephen D. Rogers, Nancy Scott, Jackie Sheeler, Hal Sirowitz, Duane Spurlock, Jay Stringer, and Ray Succre. (I like being in a book with a writer named Catfish McDaris.)
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Three Witches: An Adventure of El Tigre Azul

eBook: Luchadores, for the uninitiated, are masked Mexican wrestlers. In Three Witches, we encounter three luchadores. After a hard day of battling a gang of outlaws called The Criminal Body, luchador El Tigre Azul--The Blue Tiger--just wants to go home and sleep. Instead, he’s pulled into combat with a bewitched giant rooster, a shape-changing wrestler, and a witch in league with the Lord of the Underworld. Along the way he meets two more luchadores: Dr. Zaius, who experienced a life-changing epiphany while watching the Charlton Heston version of the movie Planet of the Apes; and El Puno de Bronce (The Fist of Bronze), an older fighter with a mysterious past, hard-drinking sloth combined with a no-holds-barred fighting style. Hard-boiled fun for fans of Mexploitation cinema and Hellboy-style monster battles.

"Rarely have I wanted to steal an idea as much as I'd like to steal Duane Spurlock's" -- Jim Beard, writer for and author of Captain Action: Riddle of the Glowing Men
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The Devil's Nest in Jungle Tales Volume 1

Book: The Devil's Nest is the longest of the three stories about Ki-Gor, the jungle hero, in this print anthology. Ki-Gor was the hero of a series of stories that appeared in the Jungle Stories pulp magazine published by Fiction House from 1938 through 1954, based on the tremendous popularity of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan in books, magazines, movies, newspaper comic strips, comic books, and even more popular media. Here, Ki-Gor accompanies an expedition hunting for the heir to an American fortune, lost in the jungle. Ki-Gor and his companions encounter pygmy warriors, cannibals, and a bad of mercenaries on the trail to find the source of King Solomon's gold--in a lost valley filled with monsters.
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Blood 'n' Thunder: Winter 2012: All-Westerns Double Issue (Volume 32)

Paperback magazine: This special book-length (234 pages) issue is our most ambitious yet. The main feature is a 22,000-word essay on Zane Grey and his involvement with Hollywood, illustrated with more than 60 rare photos. Other articles cover Tom Mix's silent-movie adaptations of Max Brand novels (including my article comparing the serialized magazine appearance, novel edition, and silent film version of Max Brand's Alcatraz), the evolution of Western fiction in pulp magazines, the making of Republic's 1938 cliffhanger serial featuring the Lone Ranger, an overview of the Doubleday-published pulp titled WEST, and a behind-the-scenes report on the discovery and marketing of Roy Rogers. Finally -- and this last item would be worth the price alone -- we reprint a classic 1919 Western novella by Stewart Edward White, THE KILLER, which has been out of print for decades and was the inspiration for the 1932 George O'Brien Western titled MYSTERY RANCH. At 36,000 words, this thrilling yarn deserves publication as a standalone book, but we've included it as bonus material! There are nearly 100 movie photos reproduced in this issue, and nearly as many pulp covers and original pieces of art by such well-known Western illustrators as Walter M. Baumhofer, Tom Lovell, and Gayle Hoskins, to name just a few.
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A Quiet Night in the Dark in La Plata, Missouri, 1942: A Story of the Man with a Thousand Names 
eBook: Lester Dent is known today among popular culture fans as the primary creator and writer of the character Doc Savage, hero of a monthly magazine published by Street & Smith from 1933 to 1949. Doc Savage -- Clark Savage, Jr. -- was the precursor to later popular heroes like Superman, Batman, James Bond, and Dirk Pitt. Dent's energetic prose for the Doc Savae stories was always published under a Street & Smith house name: Kenneth Robeson. A Quiet Night details Dent's surprise when his editor informs him that Kenneth Robeson is the name of an actual person. And on a night in 1942, a surprise visitor shares with him an astonishing story that leads to deadly consequences in Dent's quiet rural home.
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The Big Book of Bronze # 4
Paperback book: Compiled by Jay Ryan and published to coincide with the annual Doc Con, this edition includes my article, "The Days Behind A Quiet Night in the Dark in LaPlata, Missouri, 1942." With this fourth issue, The Big Book of Bronze goes back to its roots and honors the style of writing that made fanzines a critical part of the history of Doc Savage. 232 pages of informative articles about Doc Savage. This fourth annual installment contains 26 article by writers such as Rick Lai, Dafydd Neal Dyar, Arthur C. Sippo, Will Murray, Glenn Horner, Duane Spurlock, Jeff Deischer, Matt Hiebert, Courtney Rogers, Julián Puga V., Robert Jenson, Jim Cox, Fred Forino, William Lampkin and Jay Ryan. This year's book also includes an abundance of interior illustrations by artists Mike Page, Alvaro Fernandois, Tim Faurote, Robert Sankner, Cristian Diaz, Kez Wilson and Robert Jenson. Full color cover by Tim Faurote and B&W interior.
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Pretty Polly: A Sheriff Shoat Western

eBook: Griswold Bear--a.k.a. Grizzly (or Grisly, depending on who's talking) Bear--a vicious outlaw, enters the town of Wicket with the intention of terrorizing the inhabitants and filling his saddlebags with money and whiskey. However, his plans take a sharp turn into unexpected territory when he meets the Sheriff of Wicket, who offers the marauder a deal.

Praise for "Pretty Polly" in its print edition:
"For outright horsey humor there is Hard Times For The Pecos Kid by Les Pierce and Pretty Polly by Duane Spurlock. Both could have been made into movies with James Garner, they have the same light, hilarious flare to them." -- Ron Fortier, Pulp Fiction Reviews

"Spurlock pulls it off with verve." -- Bill Crider, author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes series

"Actually a fairly gritty Western yarn with a bit of a twist ending." -- James Reasoner, author of western and crime novels
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Two-Fisted Tales of La Plata, Missouri
Paperback book: The print anthology in which A Quiet Night in LaPlata first appeared. Exciting and thrilling pulp action from the hometown of Doc Savage author Lester Dent! Featuring action-packed stories by the WORLD'S BEST modern pulp writers: Wayne Skiver, Art Sippo, Duane Spurlock, G.L. Gick, Mark O. Lambert and K. G. McAbee! Over the top thrills, mystery, action and adventure, as you like it! THERE'S NO PLACE ON EARTH QUITE LIKE LA PLATA, MISSOURI! Order now and discover why! This book has a little bit of everything -- a small-town Sheriff in the 1800s battling zombies, a pulp-writer hero busting a cattle rusting ring in 1949, sleuths solving bewildering mysteries, a modern-day federal cop using his fists and guns to bring some letter-bomb terrorists to justice -- AND MORE!
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Where Legends Ride
Paperback book: The print anthology in which Pretty Polly first appeared. Saddle up and enjoy these 14 new tales of hot lead, cold hearts, and more leather-slapping action, adventure, and edge-of-the-seat danger than you could ever hope to find on either side of the Mississippi. The writers within these pages range from seasoned Western scribes to those new to the field, but all are united by their love of the legends of the Wild West. Most write for the Black Horse Westerns series published by Robert Hale, Ltd., one of the few publishers worldwide to produce a regular supply of new Western fiction. From high-noon showdowns and shade-tree lynchings to raging prairie fires and scrub-country manhunts, Express Westerns' first collection, Where Legends Ride, will grab you by the vest front and won't let go until you've surrendered to the posse. So sink spur and hang on ... it's time to go where legends ride!
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