Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Unwrapping 2013

Happy New Year!

For New Year’s Eve, I wrapped up my writing and publishing activities for 2012.
Actually, I left one out: I have a criminous Christmas haiku in Gerald So’s anthology that was released in October 2012: The 5-2, CrimePoetry Weekly Volume 1. Gerald compiled this from the weekly poetic posts to his crime poetry site, The 5-2. I like being in an anthology that includes a writer named Catfish McDaris.

So, after that brief peek back at 2012, onward to 2013!
I mentioned in the previous InterroBang post that I considered 2012 a building year. 2013, also, is a building year. My plan is to continue producing work in a variety of genres, and to add entries to the series I’ve launched.

For instance, the next El Tigre Azul adventure, Two Monsters, picks up not long after the conclusion of Three Witches. And the second Shalimar Bang mystery tracks down what happened to Fred MacIsaac, who was mentioned in “The Dream Stalker.”
I hope to publish at least one story about a new character, Bomber Jacquet. I have three stories about him in progress currently. His path will eventually cross that of Shalimar Bang.

My big project this year is to complete the science fiction novel I’m working on with artist Mike Fyles, Space Detective.
And I have a story to wrap up for an Airship 27 anthology this year. This is a neat project, and it's fun to work on.

I’ll be contributing to the Amazing Stories site, I’ve promised some work to Ed Hulse for his Blood’n’Thunder magazine, and I need to catch up on posts to my blogs.
Somewhere in there I’ll be doing my day job that pays the bills, performing some duties for my church, helping with Boy and Cub Scout activities, and I may squeeze in a household chore or two.

It’ll be interesting to see how 2013 wraps up 52 weeks from now!

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