Friday, December 7, 2012

Price change to Three Witches

I don't know if anyone has yet figured out the "sweet spot" for eBook prices.

If there's an algebraic formula for this stuff that someone knows about, plese share. You know, the quadratic equation for ebook pricing.

Three Witches is the longest ebook I've released: it is 22K+ words. Short stories usually go for 99 cents -- and I've seen those be anywhere from 2000 words to 8000. I've seen a lot of novels for $3.99 -- stuff that is 30K words or more.

But -- to repeat myself -- it’s hard to find the sweet spot on pricing. After talking to some folks, and letting the particulars percolate in my head, I’ve decided to drop the price of Three Witches from $2.99 to $1.99.

But I don’t want to penalize readers who have bought Three Witches at the higher price.

So, I'm currently formatting my next ebook, a short story I hope to release in electronic form in the next week or so. It will be priced at 99 cents, and it features a different character, a consulting investigator, Shalimar Bang. In appreciation of the patronage of those folks who purchase my work, I'd like to send a free copy of this upcoming story to the readers who purchased Three Witches at the original price of $2.99.

If you have purchased Three Witches for $2.99, please email me a photo of your reading device with Three Witches open on it. And in return, I’ll send you a free copy of the new story, The Dream Stalker. To qualify to receive the free ebook, please send me the photo by Wednesday, December 12. You can send it to pulprack at gmail dot com. (Be sure to translate the email address appropriately so your photo will make it to me.) Be sure to let me know what format you want the story for: Kindle, Nook, PDF, whatever.

Again, thanks so much for purchasing Three Witches. I appreciate it, and I hope you'll be willing to post a review at whatever site you purchased the story from, or on GoodReads, or somewhere. I work hard to be professional in my writing -- I want my readers to feel they have gotten full value from what they've purchased. I see that as part of my goal as a narrative entertainer. Certainly, that's what I want when I purchase a book. That's why, if I like one book by an author, I'll seek out another one by the same writer.
I look forward to getting your photo!

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