Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh no, another blog about . . .

Fill In The Blank.

Everytime someone launches a new blog, the writer probably pauses and thinks, Does the world need another blog?

And then goes right on with the launch.

I'll be blunt. I'm here to provide info about projects I'm working on, whether writing, publishing, or illustrating, and to take looks at projects I've worked on in the past. One, it's blatant self-promotion (I said I'd be blunt), because I figure I'm the person whose job it is to promote my skills. (See the first blog post of author and eBook-promoter J.A. Konrath at A Newbie's Guide to Publishing.)

I have some eBooks that are in the prep stage for publication. The first should be available in the next few days from Amazon.

So this blog offers me a means of sharing info quickly to several folks without repeating myself in a whole slew of e-mails and notes and whatnot. (Economies of scale is the sexy phrase.)

I'll also review other projects I come across, point you to nifty things I find, and cross-promote the work of other folks I enjoy. And I'll let you know when I update my other sites. (Right now, my only other active site is The Spur & Lock Mercantile, a blog about all things western. The current post is about The Long Haul, a graphic novel in the Western mode by Antony Johnston and Eduardo Barreto.)

I plan for this to be fun for everyone. 

Okay, here we go. I'm at large.

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