Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coming Features: Projects in progress

Time for a few hints, but no hard facts:

Once Pretty Polly went live on Kindle, I took a look at what was in progress and began assessing next steps.

(By the way, Many Thanks to those folks who have purchased a copy so far! If you like the story, please go to the Kindle Store and add a customer review. Many potential customers become actual customers if they get the chance to read what other folks have to say about a book.)

I'm in the process of formatting a second story for Kindle release. This story has, like Pretty Polly, had a previous publication in a print anthology, but that collection of stories didn't have as wide a release as Where Legends Ride. So I hope the eBook edition will expose it to a wider audience.

I'm also investigating what sort of formatting and changes I need to make to the Pretty Polly file to prepare it for release as a Nookbook. I know some folks love their Nooks as vociferously as others adore their Kindles, so I'll be making the western available for the Nook readers as well. While Kindle requires some basic html formatting, the Nook requires ePub formatting, which is a bit different standard. So I feel a little like I'm in geometry class--a brand new learning curve awaits.

After the currently-in-formatting-mode story is available as a Kindle eBook, it will also be appropriately tweaked for the Nook.

(By the way, if you don't have a Kindle or a Nook device, you can still read Kindle and Nook ebooks on your PC or laptop--you can download the Kindle application and the Nook application to your PC or laptop [or other mobile device] for free. Just click here for the Kindle, and here for the Nook.)

So, after the second story is released, what next?

I've turned in a 30,000-word novella to a small press (printed format) publisher, who has accepted it. There's no release date as yet, while the artist is at work, but when I have news, I'll share it here.

Meanwhile, I'm currently working on four books in a vigorous manner. One of these is getting most of the attention, and will likely be the next to appear. Each is in a slightly different genre than the others, but I think any of them will appeal to some of the same readers.

I hope no one minds these ambiguous teasers. I just want to let folks know that more is on the way.

Many thanks for your patronage!

Have a great day!

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