Monday, July 22, 2013

Works in Progress

I've been remiss in tending to the care and nurturing of InterroBang.

My previous post here was titled "Just Keep Moving."

I've not done that.

So the whirl and skirl of spring and summer have thwarted my desires to keep things moving here and with my various other writing projects. Or maybe I've been less thwarted and more just passive in my efforts to be diligent.

So, anon! and alors!

I've devised a little project to get things moving again.

I've counted up 14 works I have in progress. (Actually, a couple more than that, but they are still under wraps for other publishers, so I can't really reveal anything about them.)

James Joyce published snippets of Finnegan's Wake from when he began writing it in 1922 until 1939. He didn't say these excerpts were from FW; instead, the working title was Work in Progress. Apparently he lifted this idea from another writer, Ford Madox Ford.

I've no desire to keep twiddling with one piece of writing for 17 years. (I don't think I've got anything comparable to FW in me, anyway.) But I've decided on this little experiment:

Over the coming days, I'll start posting excerpts from these 14 pieces here at InterroBang. Having a public viewing of some of this prose will, I think, prove an incentive to get more diligent about working on some of these, getting them finished and into reader's hands and heads.

There's a little bit of everything on the way: adventure, science fiction, mystery, western, horror. Even a kid's story.

These are still drafts, and not completely polished, so you'll get to see some of the cracks in the plaster when you read these excerpts. But that's okay. Everything is a work in progress until it's finished and I write the words The End.

We'll start our little exploration tomorrow. I look forward to receiving your comments.


  1. So, given the title of your blog, Duane, do you know of any font sets that include the interrobang as part of its characters? I was editing a manuscript, the other day, for a friend of mine which included the appropriate use of ?! and I started wondering if their was a combined interrobang that was readily available for setting a manuscript.

    1. To be honest, I don't recall seeing an interrobang in any font sets I've viewed. I'm sure there are at least SOME fonts with the character included. Are you looking for a title font or a body font? I can easily imagine a slab font for titles including an interrobang. If I come across one, I'll letcha know. Good luck!