Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jungle Tales Vol. 1 in print and performing well

My first story for Airship 27 has enjoyed a nice launch!

"The Devil's Nest" is a Ki-Gor story published in Jungle Tales Volume 1, which is now available as a print edition from Amazon.  (Click here for more info.) It arrived in print format just about one month ago.

According to Barry Reese's informative New Pulp Best Seller List, the anthology--which also features stories by Aaron Smith and W. Peter Miller -- debuted at Number 5 on the top 10 list for June 25.  It's dropped off the list one week since that time and now, but Barry's most recent list (for July 23) has Jungle Tales hanging on at the 10 spot. I think that's pretty good, considering the competition, which includes a new Hard Case Crime release (False Negative by Joseph Koenig) and the most recent Doc Savage adventure (The Infernal Buddha) penned by Will Murray.

Part of the appeal of this Ki-Gor collection is, I think, the Tarzan Centennial. Pulp fans are in the mood for some fresh jungle action, I think. Dinosaurs and jungle action--what's not to like?

By the way, the dandy black-and-white illo accompanying this post is by Kelly Everaert, who provided the very nice interior illustrations for the book.

I have some other Ki-Gor projects in the works. I'll let you know when the news is ripe.

Many thanks to those who have bought and read Jungle Tales Volume 1!

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